Friday Night: Dwight Yoakam At Arena Theatre

Dwight Yoakam Arena Theatre July 8, 2011

Aftermath has never considered Dwight Yoakam a country artist in the general sense of the term, the way most people define country artists. In our mind, he simply rocks too hard to be lumped in with people like George Strait or Alan Jackson. He's more like Social Distortion or Bruce Springsteen - artists who incorporate some twang into their sound, but are firm believers in the gospel of rock and roll.

Yoakam has been what bean counters and genre nitpickers would call a country neotraditionalist, worshiping at the altar of Buck Owens and Elvis Presley, but also giving thanks for the hooks and pop prowess of the likes of Queen, Cheap Trick and The Clash.

But for this guy here, we see no difference between Yoakam's This Time or Hillbilly Deluxe and something like London Calling and Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell. They are all populated by the same jilted losers and playboys.

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Craig Hlavaty
Contact: Craig Hlavaty