Friday Night: Eels At Warehouse Live

Check out the bearded Eels and opening band The Submarines in our slideshow.

Eels, The Submarines Warehouse Live July 22, 2011

Between songs, Mark Oliver Everett repeatedly apologized for taking so long to return to Houston. After 14 years, he'd finally brought his band Eels to town, clad in suits, sunglasses, and enough facial hair to outfit a crew of lumberjacks.

Throughout the band's massive 90-minute set, though, Everett also showered the crowd with playful commentary. "I've got a really good feeling about this!" he yelled after a few songs, sprinkling in other exclamations like "this is fun!" "you have a nice smile!" and "that was very positive!" amongst several more.

And the show was fun, and positive, and bright and dark, and booming and sultry, and certainly playful as Everett's vocals ranged from high-pitched whoops to the plunging depths of Tom Waits' gravel. Everett's assemblage of musicians banged out song after song from across his discography. Given their attire and the throng of concertgoers that swelled the Warehouse Live ballroom, the atmosphere felt more like a big SXSW showcase than simply another show at the big venue. People were happy, and it - life, the universe, et al. - was good.

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Marc Brubaker
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