Friday Night: Fabolous, Meek Mill and a Brawl at Warehouse Live

Fabolous, Meek Mill Warehouse Live February 15, 2013

Rap is probably my favorite genre of music, though I could never really put into words why that is. Maybe it's nostalgia.

Maybe it's because I grew up on Houston hip-hop and eventually found myself listening to the likes of Biggie, Ice Cube and Wu Tang Clan. And these days, even though the genre has been inundated with morons, there are still a few notable acts out there.

Fabolous, who was scheduled to perform this weekend at Warehouse Live, was in the mix, too. He was never one of my favorites, but I still managed to become familiar with his catalog, especially his singles, and I was looking forward to his show when I arrived at Warehouse Live Friday night.

Instead, I witnessed yet another reason to grumble about All-Star Weekend.

As I walked up to will-call a little after 10 p.m., I asked when Fab was supposed to hit the stage. The response I received was a bad omen.

"Uhh... It's more of a party than a concert," I was told.

But nonetheless, I strolled inside, determined to experience All-Star Weekend firsthand.

I've never seen a sparser Warehouse Live. Fewer than 50 people were standing around inside as the DJ proceeded to play a few hours' worth of 2 Chainz, Rick Ross and Tyga.


So I sauntered around the empty venue for a while, people-watching and trying to understand how someone would pay $4,000 to sit on a twin-sized bed covered with a velvet duvet for the night.

Nearly four hours and $75 later -- I was drinking more heavily than normal because I was bored out of my mind -- Meek Mill finally came out onstage, in front of a crowd that had slowly formed over time, though the venue was still nowhere near its capacity.

Meek Mill began rapping, and the fans in the crowd looked to be on the cusp of really getting into it. I too was excited that the show had finally begun.

And just then, two fights simultaneously broke out in the crowd. Within 30 seconds, the house lights were turned on and security staff members began ushering people out the door.

So fuck you, All-Star weekend. Hopefully it's more than seven years before you come back to Houston again.

Random Notebook Dump: Earlier in the day Friday, I messaged a friend, asking if she'd come to the show with me that night. She asked what time Fab would go onstage, and, jokingly, I responded, "If previous rap shows are any indication, Fabolous should take the stage around 7 a.m. tomorrow." At the time, I at least thought it was a joke.

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