Friday Night: FPH New Year's Cataclysm At Fitzgerald's

Free Press Houston New Year's Cataclysm Fitzgerald's December 31, 2010

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Aftermath rang in 2011 at Fitzgerald's Friday night, bathing in Houston music, liquor and a mass of hearty revelers. At one point we escaped down the street to Onion Creek to breathe and coat our collective stomachs, seeing that we wouldn't be able to breathe on either patio, and our nicotine habit wasn't exactly going to hold any quarter.

The event was a culmination of a year of change for the club, which began 2010 as an alt-rock outpost in the Heights and ended the year a hub of all things indie, metal and country by the time the ball dropped at midnight.

The place was full of new faces, boys and girls, mostly younger-looking kids sans drinking wristbands. The ones old enough to drink were guzzling beers or chugging out champagne out of the $20 bottles the downstairs bar was selling up until they ran out before the clock struck 2011.

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Craig Hlavaty
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