Classic Rock Corner

Friday Night: Garland Jeffreys at the Continental Club

Garland Jeffreys Continental Club June 22, 2012

Oh, Houston, what were you thinking? After Rocks Off has touted your attributes, your beauty, your understated sense of cool to many a foreigner, why would you not show up for Garland Jeffreys? Most of you were probably at home resting up for Sunday's geezer-fest with Van Halen, I suppose.

But hats off to the 80 or 90 people, including Houston Texan Connor Barwin and his small party, who showed up at the Continental Club for a rarer than rare show -- Jeffreys reckoned he was last here in 1991, although his father is buried here -- visit from one of rock's unwavering, unapologetic greats.

Be that as it may, Jeffreys brought a crack band and shove-it-down-their-throat attitude to the affair Friday night that saw him burn -- blaze might be the better term -- through rock anthems that will be around long after Justin Bieber is an insecticidal blood-and-guts blob on the windshield of history.

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William Michael Smith