Friday Night: Lee-Lonn At Reserve Lounge

Lee-Lonn Reserve Lounge April 22, 2011

9:08 p.m. Lee-Lonn, in case you've yet to hear his name, is one of Houston's marquee R&B talents. He's so good, in fact, that we're heading out to see him perform live right now, despite the fact that a) far as we can tell, he only has two songs; and b) he's performing at Reserve Lounge, a downtown venue that's about as enjoyable as getting glass flicked into your eyeballs.

9:25: Here. Along with eight others. Awesome.

9:28: When a smoke machine kicks on in a packed club, it's kind of cool thing. When it kicks on in an empty club, though, it looks like some pipes just broke or something.

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Shea Serrano