Friday Night Noise: Endless Blinding Sunshine and Speak Onion

Endless Blinding Sunshine, "VUout02": Like every other noise act in the universe, Houston's Endless Blinding Sunshine has a MySpace page, but they also have this admittedly minimalist site, which made it possible for FNN to get a handle on the sun-flecked instrumental dross-floss Steve Matis and Carlos Pozo generate. Google them an the bit of MySpace info one can glean (without visiting the site) identifies EBS as being "primarily a live performance outfit." So it's possible that concert-going is the only way to experience these guys.

"VUout02" is a thing of churning beauty, all ruminative, thermal-updraft drones that expand and contract, beckoning- self-cannibalizing geysers of distorted elegance. In the path of these soothing, radiating sound waves - this guitar/effects pedal meditative zen - one feels almost immortal, blessed, validated by proxy. FNN is reminded of The Yellow Swans or Mouthus at their calmest and most contemplative. Endless Blinding Sunshine are more than worth whatever price you have to pay; as it happens, they're playing Super Happy Fun Land's Dead Audio Music Fest next Saturday. You'd better be there. Resistance is futile.

Speak Onion, "Brecht Forum 1-10-09": Speaking of noise finds made via MySpace comments, FNN caught wind of Speak Onion via either Sightings' or Yellow Tears' MySpace dugouts - can't remember which now. Dan Abatemarco hails from Queens, N.Y., and we're not exactly sure how to classify the sounds his machines make; he intermeshes elements of noise, IDM, glitch, and chiptune into something that's not quite dance-y or trance-y or lovely or even outright fugly.

He's got bunches of free, home-recorded MP3s up on his site, but FNN prefers this live set from January, which finds the guy in full-tilt meltdown mode: Stylophonic-esque synth flails and sirens a-shrieking, sticky-sick pulses a-gurglin', nagging beehive blisters with interruptions that evolve into what sound like songbird massacres, itchy static scribbles, growling digital feedback wraiths, breakbeat patter so breathless it stutters. This shit is tight.

Got some hot Texas noise tips - or, hell, any noise tips - for FNN? Hit is up with mp3s or links - but not MySpace links, because we can't access those at work and every spare moment is spoken for at home - at [email protected].

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Ray Cummings