Friday Night Noise: How I Quit Crack and Railcars

So for part of this week, FNN is home alone on staycation, which means only one thing: I can finally spend a few minutes checking out noise-rock YouTube videos. Namely, Houston's How I Quit Crack, a name that keeps popping up in the emails FNN exchanges with other H-town noise fixtures; apparently, everybody loves hitting this particular pipe. My guess is that HIQC (not sure of her name) operates as a strictly performance-only artist, because I can't find any traces of recordings for sale or even mp3s - it's YouTube vids or bust. Such is life, I guess.

"PREGNANCY SCARE 2008" offers blood-engorged she-stew - yeah, I said it again, put that in your Valet CD-case and shut it - fuzzy-navel vocal murmurings massaged and subsumed by synth washes that suggest kaleidoscopic, fish-eye lense acid-trips and college-dorm screensavers. Now, FNN has never popped a Quaalude. But let's say FNN found himself in a plush pink mansion full of fucsha beanbag furniture, lava lamps, and incense burners, and FNN was sleepy and slightly gone on Godiva chocolate liquor, and he happened to pop two Quaaludes and collapse into a beanbag, only to hallucinate himself immersed in a pink-tinted, strangely oceanic-yet-breathable world ala Abyss, full of friendly cartoon mermaids and crustaceans and seahorses singing FNN an aria? FNN would hope, if that happened, that said aria would be "PREGNANCY SCARE 2008." (In the YouTube comments, somebody refers to this as an "ethereal warble," which is probably more on-target than what I just wrote.) Anyway, why was HIQC scared of pregnancy? She already had, in this song, one dynamite lullaby in the can! Why there isn't a How I Quit Crack album available for sale already I don't understand, like, at all.

Railcars: "Castles"

"Shitgaze." Say that! "Shitgaze." Really sound it out, let it roll around in your mouth. Work it into conversations with complete strangers. It's all-at-once funny and accurate in describing a certain vein of near-inscrutable underground noise-pop, and it's how LA/San Fran group Railcars describe themselves; I love them for that, and for introducing me to the term, which I plan to flaunt at every opportunity from now on. "Castles" - and the rest of the new Cathedral With No Eyes EP, for that matter - is pretty much just top-shelf Times New Viking-ish synthy pop-punk goodness buried in hiss and distortion and generally terrible production. I don't have any idea what this song is supposed to be about; neither will you. And the great thing is that it totally doesn't matter.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.