Friday Night Noise: Murex and Noveller

Murex "Eventual Railways": Houston's Murex has some sorta connection to the larger In The Land of Archers axis. If we can take "Eventual Railways" as a guide, though, Murex - man, woman, vegetable, some combination, we dunno - prefers a waaaay less ninth-circle-of-Hades approach. Have you ever seen one of those geological cross-sections illustrations that give you a sense of what you would see if you cut a mountain in half? First, there's dirt or soil, then clay, then varying degrees of stone or what have you. "Railways" is kind of like that, only replace these underground layers with different piercing signal tones. Murex shifts from hissing scree to growling, jammed-phaser blare to Star Trek teleporter quaver, each different sound surplanted by the next before the listener can get a handle on any one. Or, in other words: "This has been a test of the Emergency Broadcast System. This is only a test. If this had been a real emergency," etc. Noveller "Brilliant Colors": By now, you've probably heard (or heard of) Cold Cave, the distorto synth-pop project fronted by one Wesley Eisold with a little help from friends in Xiu Xiu, Prurient (no wonder Dom isn't releasing quite as much this year!) and Noveller. Noveller, it turns out, is Austin's Sarah Lipstate, who just issued a disc via No Fun Productions titled Red Rainbows. FNN hasn't gotten to hear the whole thing yet, but "Brilliant Colors" has been making the blog rounds for a bit, and is fantastic. Is it primo "she-stew," you ask? Well, no. What we get here are swells and cascades of glacial, string-section-derived drones shot through with miniturized versions of the same that evolves - so gradually that you won't quite catch it on the first listen - into the sort of incomprehensibly unfathomable noise roar-ruckus that we've come to expect from Marcia Bassett projects like Hototogisu and Zaimph. Niccccce. Got some hot Texas noise tips - or, hell, any noise tips - for me? Hit me up with MP3s or Web site links - but not MySpace links, seriously, because I can't access those at work and at home every spare moment is spoken for - at fridaynightnoise@gmail.com.

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