Friday Night Noise: Satin Hooks and Newagehillbilly

Satin Hooks "Trinity School Road": Houston's Satin Hooks are a noise-punk band in the same sense that Liar-era Jesus Lizard and Incesticide/Bleach-era Nirvana once were: torture-slurred, aggrevied vocals, gunk-gummed stop-and-start guitars that wanna beat you bloody while sneaking an earworm melody in under all the crunchy grit.

The whole thing's over in just under three minutes, but leaves a lasting impression, from David Gomez's laser-focused, yet somehow imprecise,m drum fills to Lucas Gorman's inky bass rumble to Kerry Melonson's relentless, steel-cable axe slinging - dig that shredtastic solo showcase about two minutes in. Whew! Can somebody get these dudes a 7-inch in the Sub Pop Single of the Month Club, already?

Newagehillbilly, "Housefucker cassette, Side B": We'll nutshell it for y'all: minimalist tea-kettle whistle-hiss begets flattened, bup-bup electronic thumps begets tinkling-synth scales begets a series of severely distorted noise/drum detonations accompanied by what sounds like a desperate man grappling with either a) major intestinal problems; or b) serious personal demons begets some grizzly tone-warping crud. It sorta sounds like a Taylor Duepree demo being steadily devoured by an early Prurient album.

Newagehillbilly is the non-de-plume of Baltimore's Alex Strama, who runs the MT6 Records label and is probably in more bands than anyone you know short of Richard Ramirez. Previous Newagehillbilly recordings have run the gamut from noise to harsh punk to electro-pop to you name it, but a pair of new releases - the Housefucker cassette and Arctic CD, both on MT6 - favor jams that hopscotch through various extremes of noise. Does FNN recommend? He does.

Got some hot Texas noise tips - or, hell, any noise tips - for us? Hit us up with MP3s or Web site links - but not MySpace links, seriously, because we can't access those at work and at home every spare moment is spoken for - at [email protected].

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Ray Cummings