Friday Night Noise: Stabbed! In! The! Back!

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Pechuga, Hovering Sparks (Track 5)": These days, Houston's Carlos Pozo operates the Pitchphase label and performs as half of Endless Blinding Sunshine; until a few years ago, he unleashed considered, roving photo-scanner noise under the Pechuga name. The fifth track from Hovering Sparks - which, sadly, is out of print - quietly shifts in and out of phase, its micro-level malevolence throbbing so consistenly and balefully that it's easy to lose track of if an outside-world distraction arrives.

Remember Issac Asimov's various "Multivac" stories, about a humongoid underground artificial intelligence contructed by people in the future to govern humanity? When FNN listens to this, we imagine ourselves lost in Multivac's gleaming corridors, tripping out on the hum of millions of computer servers working overtime. But we're weird like that.

Robert Inhuman "STABBED! IN! THE! BACK!": So we don't know much about Robert Inhuman, except that he's apparently based in Cincinnati and he loves to make sample-based hardcore noise jams. Last year, MT6 Records released his Drowning In Betrayal cassette, which set strafing scree to porn-flick samples and was generally really, really terrifying. Now, the Dramacore label has unleashed "STABBED! IN! THE! BACK!": ten bruising minutes of copyright lawyer-baiting that might be 2009's best pop/mashup/noise totem.

Inhuman has a classic hardcore scream: pained, spiteful, and animalistic, as though his esophagus were bloody from hours of yelling at himself in a bedroom mirror. That yowl suits the pinball brute beats he scatters, the "setting fire" and "polluting" cut-and-paste broadcast grabs he snatches from some unsuspecting newswoman, and his own indecipherable caterwaul.

It's not shocking that he'd rip off the squeak-hinge hook and guitar snarl from Nine Inch Nails' "Ruiner" - perhaps the best fuck-you-for-fucking-me-up pop-industrial the '90s left us. But would you expect him to interweave and hack up Kanye West's "Robocop" or Garbage's "I'm Only Happy When It Rains" into his white-hot beat-crush onslaught? We sure didn't, but we're sure glad he did.

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Ray Cummings