Friday Night: Pat Benatar At House Of Blues

Pat Benatar House of Blues August 13, 2010

For more photos from Friday's show, see our slideshow here.

For some reason whenever we saw people after Friday night's Pat Benatar show and they asked what we thought, all we could do was shrug our shoulders. Usually after a show, we have some sort of semblance of an opinion either way, from the artist reminding us of a burrito or, on the opposite end, making us need to take a cold shower and read the Bible for the rest of the night.

That's not to say we didn't shake a fist during "Hell Is for Children" or sing along to "Heartbreaker," but it was just stale on the whole. Luckily we were there with our trusty Twitter machine to give you the play-by-play while we were in the midst of a sold-out crowd full of ladies that looked like our junior-high math teachers and their daughters.

Just landed at Pat Benatar. Hello Ladies.

OK, that sounded lecherous, but we were one of the only younger guys there. Odd that a Pat Benatar show on a Friday night wouldn't bring out droves of young men trolling for sugar mamas.

And the merch is glorious. Show is sold out. Lots of mother-daughter teams. I can't stop touching my moustache.

We think the moustache thing is now just a nervous twitch, not a coy mating ritual. If it is the latter, we aren't sowing any seeds from it.

I want that Heartbreaker Dream Maker Love Taker shirt in the worst way.

Yeah, but it was all weird and multi-colored. Now if it was a baseball tee, it would be different story.

Mom Jeans On The Ground Mom Jeans On The Ground. Looking like a grandma with your mom jeans on the ground.

The good thing about so many older iconic artists touring is that we get to see what concert etiquette was like in 1983, when you could just elbow someone in the ribs to get closer to the stage while clutching a glass of shitty Merlot.

Show is starting. Neil Giraldo is a beast. Pat looks like Pam Dawber. Hell yes.

Giraldo and Benatar run the show like a dinner show, with the couple now 31 years down the marriage line. Hearing them banter back and forth about house chores is comforting but runs in contrast with the ball-busting lyrics. Seriously, we want her to brandish a switchblade and not talk about making coffee and smiling.

To clarify, we like us some Mindy. "Shadows Of The Night"

This song is nothing without the video with Bill Paxton as a Nazi pilot and Judge Reinhold as an Allied ace fighter pilot. This made us Wiki Judge Reinhold during the show. We forgot about that movie Vice Versa with Fred Savage. They don't make enough parent-child switching movies anymore.

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