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Friday is shaping up right nicely for those of us who frequent H-Town's lower dens.

The biggest news is that the Paul Collins Beat is at Walter's as the centerpiece of a record fair sponsored by Sound Exchange. Collins first touched the hem of fame as drummer for the legendary Los Angeles power pop band the Nerves. Featuring Peter Case and Jack Lee, the power trio took L.A. by storm.

Their searing live shows apart, the Nerves are probably best known for Blondie's smash hit cover of the Jack Lee tune "Hanging on the Telephone." After Lee left the band, Case and Collins worked with a changing cast of musicians and recorded together as the Breakaways. Their best known song was "Walking Out On Love," which the Nerves had been playing live but never recorded.

Collins eventually went on to for the Paul Collins Band, which worked an alternative-country vein, and his current rock ensemble, the Beat (renamed the Paul Collins Beat after a lawsuit in the early 80s). Paul Collins Beat were influential in the growing indie rock genre by the mid-80s and are cited as influences by a number of younger bands.

The Paul Collins Beat released Feel the Noise in 2014 to solid reviews. It features the power pop gem "I Need My Rock N' Roll," which could be a track on any Nerves/Plimsouls album.

But Collins isn't the only attraction at Walters tonight. Sound Exchange has put together a record fair which will begin at happy hour (6 p.m.), with booths featuring collections from some of the top record stores in the country selling vinyl all night. The evening will also feature power-pop DJ sets by DJs Miscue (Mutant Hardcore Flower Hour) and Black Slacks.

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Across town at Rudyard's, new Houston roots band Hard Luck Revival will be playing only their show, opening for the rough-and-ready roadhouse of local hero Mike Stinson.

The Revival is an offshoot of the Dollyrockers (Mike Porterfield and Steve Scholtes) and members of the Haymakers and Mean .44s (Charlie San Miguel and Johnson Sutherland). They've recently added multiinstrumentalist Marty Starnes, who's been part of the roots/alternative country scene in Houston as long as anyone. Starnes does much of the heavy lifting, adding fiddle, mandolin, lap steel, and harmonica to the mix.

According to bassist Steve Scholtes, the members began jamming in November to see if they could work together and make anything satisfying happen, and the lineup "just clicked."

"It was a real surprise, we all just seemed to be on the same page and we were all just a bit tired of what we'd been doing. The next thing I knew, we had some original songs," says Scholtes.

The band got its first break from local disc jockey Rick Hysquierdo, who booked the band on word of mouth to open one of his Tuesday showcases at Cottonwood featuring Joe "King" Carrasco.

"We got a great reception at that gig, so Rick was nice enough to book us to open for the Derailers also. By the time that second gig was over, we had a bunch of new people following us on our Facebook page and things seemed to be moving in the right direction"

"That's when I called Mike Stinson to see if he'd pair with us at Rudyard's, and he said sure."

Stinson has retooled his ensemble in the past few months, bringing in the hot licks of longtime Houston twanger Eric Danheim of Hollisters fame on lead guitar.

"I don't know about everyone else," says Scholtes, "but this seems like a dream roots pairing for a Friday night in a cool place with great sound. What more can a musician or a fan ask for?"

Paul Collins Beat: 10 p.m. @Walters, 1120 Naylor. Sound Exchange Record Fair begins at 6 p.m. with booths open all night for record sales.

Mike Stinson & Hard Luck Revival: 10 p.m. @Rudyard's British Pub, 2010 Waugh.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.