Friday Night: Something Fierce Record Release Party at Mango's

Something Fierce Mango's April 1, 2011

There are terms in music that cause audible groans and visual displeasure at their mere mention, and while these vary from person to person, some are fairly universal. Emo, yacht rock, muzak, and pop punk all fall into these categories.

Something Fierce is certainly both punky and poppy, but there's absolutely no reason that this band could make anyone's stomach turn. Punk was laced with pop long before Blink 182 splashed it across MTV, with The Clash creating albums like Give 'Em Enough Rope practically eons earlier. Aftermath has a healthy affinity for Strummer's crew, so it was with great pleasure that we headed to Mango's on Friday night to watch the local trio of Stephen Garcia, Niki Sevven, and Andrew Keith release their third Something Fierce full-length, Don't Be So Cruel.

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Marc Brubaker
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