Friday Night: The Beach Boys at The Woodlands

The Beach Boys Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion June 8, 2012

The Beach Boys taught a generation of American kids how to be teenagers. With songs about the perils of love, the magic of cars, school ties, faceless authority, and depression and isolation, they wrote the book on high-octane hormonal rock. Almost 50 years removed, the songs remain vital Rosetta Stones for most every (well-built) pop record.

Pop culture has made sure they stay ever-present in our ears, even as films and commercials plunder the Boys' music for their own means. This makes the Beach Boys at once corny and vital. This new 50th anniversary tour didn't come without jokes about Depends, dementia and money-grabbing.

The Beach Boys and the Beatles represent two halves of the classic rock and roll experience, though one group had the chance continue to record and play into their late '60s and '70s, while the other splintered into a myth curated by four men and their wives and children.

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Craig Hlavaty
Contact: Craig Hlavaty