Friday Night: The Gourds & Doyle Bramhall Sr. At Miller Outdoor Theatre

The Gourds, Doyle Bramhall Sr. Miller Outdoor Theatre July 22, 2011

It was all Texas big beat Friday night as old-school Austin blues-rocker Doyle Bramhall Sr. and those funny, funny Gourds cut a groove in the Miller Outdoor Theatre stage.

Bramhall, a key vocal influence on Stevie Ray Vaughan, brought along a secret weapon in his compact threesome: Longtime Austin roots rock veteran Casper Rawls, who pulled yeoman's duty on rhythm and lead guitar with the flair and aplomb of someone who played with Buck Owens back in the day after Don Rich's untimely death.

And while Bramhall steered the ship, tom-tomming away behind his microphone, Aftermatth couldn't help but feel like a fourth instrument - another guitar, or perhaps a keyboard - would've added both power and depth to the set. Still, as Texas power trios go, this is probably as good as we're ever likely to get.

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William Michael Smith