Friday Night: Yelawolf & Many Guests At Warehouse Live

Yelawolf, Bun B, Trae Tha Truth, Doughbeezy, Dante Higgins, Gerald Walker & Cardo Warehouse Live April 29, 2011

10:54 p.m.: Let's do this first this time. Here's the thing about Yelawolf, and you may have noticed this already, but: He's a rapper who is white - or, at least, he's one who's not black. But nobody ever gives him any shit about this; there are no cultural-appropriation jabs, none of the "He's A Gimmicky Rapper" taunts that people currently attack Mac Miller with, no nothing. But it makes sense.

Yela's music has gravitas - Trunk Muzik did anyway; Trunk Muzik 0 to 60 was good too, but chunks of it felt homogenized. He is generally adored and still a little underappreciated. He embraces who he is without hyperbolizing or marginalizing himself, a character trait found at the core of hip-hop.

Anyway, that's why we're going to see him perform as a headliner when we just saw him as an opening act less than a month ago.

11:02: ...And we're inside. The show is actually being held in that smaller section of Warehouse Live in between the main room and the Green Room. There are a fair amount of people here, all of them young and some of them are in muscle shirts. Had no idea that people actually wore those. Like, is muscle-shirt fashion an actual thing now? Jesus.

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Shea Serrano