Friday Shreds

From the same surreal corner of the rock and roll psyche that gave us “Hoogie Boogie Land” comes this, the “…Shreds” series, in which rockin’ solos from the world’s rockin’-est guitar heroes are made still more, um, rockin’, through creative overdubbing.

That, and the awesome power of shredding.

Warning: These videos are so dementedly hilarious they could have only come from Finland, what with that country’s long, dark winters, heavy vodka consumption and utter compulsion to rock.

Don’t believe us? Check out “Iron Maiden Shreds” and see for yourself. (Make sure you wait until about the two-minute mark.)

Then go check out "Jake E. Lee Shreds" and "Carlos Santana Shreds," and hell, all the rest. And have yourself a positively Shreddin’ Friday. – John Nova Lomax

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