Friday: The (Very Wet) Vans Warped Tour At Sam Houston Race Park

Vans Warped Tour Sam Houston Race Park July 2, 2010

As they always have, teenagers get a bad rap these days. In our minds, any kid who was willing to brave the dirty side of Hurricane Alex on Friday afternoon to see their favorite bands, eat a shit-ton of free Willy Wonka candy, and get soaked for eight hours straight by rain and wind is our kind of kid.

Friday afternoon's Vans Warped Tour in the lot next to Sam Houston Race Park off the Beltway was a wet and miserable affair, but only weather-wise. Musically, this year's edition was a sight better than some of the previous years, and the first one in recent memory where we were actually clamoring to see a band or two.

This year seemed to be one of the tours more even-keeled and well-rounded lineups in recent memory. There was barely any hip-hop or pop to be seen. In the previous years acts like Katy Perry and 3OH!3 confounded us older Rancid and Bad Religion-loving cats who were Warped vets and didn't see the value in say, "I Kissed A Girl" versus "Atomic Garden."

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Craig Hlavaty
Contact: Craig Hlavaty