Frog Eyes! The 10 Greatest Glasses-Wearing Musicians

If you were like me growing up, you had glasses. You got ridiculed for it with names like "frog eyes," "nerd" (sadly children didn't equate that with smart, just weird), "ugly" and "geek."

Even worse was the fact that, as a result of my wearing glasses, I couldn't wear sunglasses because the good ones when I was growing up, Oakleys, didn't really fit over glasses and my parents wouldn't let me get contacts -- even though I now switch between my contacts and my oh-so-cool "Tina Fey" glasses.

However, little did I know that some of the greatest legends of rock not only wore glasses, but have even made them into a fashion statement. So to all you kids who wear glasses, remember that many celebrities do the same not to correct their vision (though some do), but because they think they make them look cool. Therefore, wear your eyeglasses and wear them proud, children. You will realize soon enough that glasses = fashion statement.

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Christina Lynn
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