Classic Rock Corner

From The Sky Down: U2's "Bittersweet Song Of Disunity"

What was the last great U2 album?

Now, before you go and get your snotty Henry Rollins quotes lined up, recall that there was a period in the mid- to late 1980s when the Dublin foursome were both the biggest and most critically acclaimed band on the planet before veering off into sonic experimentation and retreating somewhat from the public eye.

In my opinion, one can make valid "greatness" arguments for four of their albums. Some prefer the anthemic, clarion calling of War, others the muted melancholy of The Unforgettable Fire, while many would argue that 1987's The Johsua Tree was the band's perfect fusion of the earnest and the cynical.

But for some, myself included, U2's high point was achieved by the album that was both a response to post-Joshua Tree backlash and precursor to their millennial experimental forays into pop and house music: Achtung Baby.

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