Full Swag For Das Racist, No Swag For Astros & Paul Wall

Das Racist is Rocks Off's favorite joke-rap group, ever. It annoys most people we know -including our boss, who is like, "All right, no more Das Racist for everyone's sake, please." That's being nice - Ed. Earlier this year, we traveled to SXSW strictly to catch every show, and we're planning to do the same when they return to Texas in October.

Now we have a reason to talk about them again. After releasing two mixtapes in 2010, Heems and Kool A.D. finally released their first album, Relax, this past weekend. When Rocks Off gave it a listen, initially we were a little disappointed. We heard quite a few recycled lyrics and an old beat from a B-side.

DR also put "Rainbow In the Dark" on the album, which was their very first song and video from 2009. The more we listened, however, the more it grew on us (unlike Tha Carter IV).

The recycled lyrics actually serve as an allusion to when they were just two dudes trying to popularize what they refer to as "Wikipedia rap." Now Relax is No. 6 on the iTunes hip-hop charts.

Here's the video for their single, "Michael Jackson." Keep a close eye for a familiar Houston rapper at the end, when they do the montage of faces singing, a la MJ's "Black and White" video.

Swagometer: 10

After the last feature-heavy mixtape, Sit Down, Man, it's nice to hear Das Racist without so many cameos; the only features are El-P and Danny Brown. Check out "The Trick," "Selena" and "Punjabi Song" with Bikram Singh.

We know that you've probably heard about Paul Wall and Baby Bash's arrest in El Paso for suspicion of possession of marijuana. Paul posted some pictures on Twitter from the back seat of the squad car that kind of made us wonder if he asked one of the cops, "Hey, can you take this picture real quick before you take us in? I gotta tell my followers about this shit."

Swagometer: 0

Wonder what advice Chamillionaire had for them.

Wednesday, the Astros set a new franchise record for the most losses in a season when they lost to the Phillies. Rocks Off was there because at this point, they're practically giving away tickets. For $10, we got a hot dog, a drink, and seats only 10 rows from the field. Anyway, here's some key information about baseball: It's inherently racist, the games take too long, and every time a player goes up to bat, the stadium plays a song of their choice.

Maybe the reason the Astros lost for the 98th time in 2011 is because of the players' song selections. We heard "Headstrong" by Trapt, along with too many other similarly angry alternative-rock songs. The only time we got hyped was when Jordan Schafer walked to the plate to Kanye West & Big Sean's "Marvin Gaye & Chardonnay." Jimmy Paredes also strutted out to "Hustlin" by Rick Ross.

Swagometer: 4

Music is critical to sports performance, right? At least that's what we learned from Michael Phelps, who had his headphones on before each event he swam in the 2008 Olympics. He won eight gold medals, while the 'Stros are just trying to not lose 100 games.

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