Fun Fun Fun Extra: Blood, Hot Dogs And Clown Powder

Check out FFFFest's veritable midway in our slideshow of crowd shots.

If music wasn't your bag during this weekend's Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, you could take a foot bridge to Waterloo Park's east side for a cavalcade of human wonders, including wrestling, stunt shows, comedians, videos, the occasional comedian, Monotonix and the sweetly grim mariachi stylings of Mariachi El Bronx.

Houston's own Jacob Calle and his "What The Hell?" team beat each other with electrical cords and to the point of nausea onstage Saturday afternoon, with a huge Sparks tub a few feet away. Brother Chris Calle sported a welt that had the perfect indention of the cord, right down to the metal prongs.

We gagged when Jacob drew blood from his own vein in his arm and drank it. What? We have feelings too.

Austin native The Lizardman followed this up by sticking what seemed like the world's longest corkscrew up his nose, and through his ear. You may know him from the Jim Rose Circus and from the gasps of normals who are still freaked out by face tattoos.

The New Movement, an improv group from Austin, made their way to the stage decked out like all manner of animals, and the Master Pancake people showed videos as the sun went down on Saturday night.

Sunday afternoon brought more comedy and wrestling antics, including a set from Mariachi El Bronx, who closed with the coke ode, "Clown Powder."

The Veggie Hot Dog Eating Contest (above) was a big draw while we were watching the real Bronx on the Black Stage. The winner scarfed down eight of the veggie links to win an all-access pass to next year's festival.

We tried one of the dogs, and they were dense little bastards that were hard to chew even at your own pace.

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