Fun Fun Fun Fest: A Pocket Guide To Rocks Off's Picks

Tonight Rocks Off heads to Austin to cover our third festival this year in the capitol city, Fun Fun Fun Fest. This is also our second trip to the festival in Waterloo Park. Think ACL but with bigger beards, tighter pants, more tattoos, and no jam bands.

Last year we were rained on for most of the two-day event, but the lineup was more than enough to keep us around. Death, Crystal Castles, Metallagher, The Jesus Lizard, Face To Face, and Danzig helped ease us through the mud and wet conditions. This year seems to be holding nothing but clear skies and cool temperatures. We may even wear fingerless gloves!

Rocks Off compiled a list of the bands we are most looking forward to seeing, including a local band breaking into the lineup to add some much-needed Houston grime to the festivities.

Sadly, Devo had to cancel, but we think we can make do with the Descendents.

Black Congress: Houston's own Black Congress breaks into the 12:15 slot on Saturday afternoon. This band has been consistently one of our favorites to shoot for the past two years. You can't get any better than their pedigree either.

Jeff The Brotherhood: We noticed JTB at SXSW in March and fell in love with their early Queens of the Stone Age vibe. The two-piece will be at Fitzgerald's on Monday night as well.

The Gories: The Gories were Mick Collins' first band before he started the Dirtbombs, '80s/'90s garage legends through and through who made bands like the Black Lips and the late Jay Reatard possible.

Man Man: We own most of their stuff, but missed them the past few times through Texas. They are like a freaky hairy gang, akin to Modest Mouse with a vicious Tom Waits addiction.

Os Mutantes: Influential Brazilian pop band that birthed some of the swankiest Tropicalia known to man. Their psych rock in the '60s still blows away most of the kids trying it today. Start first at their 1999 collection Everything Is Possible: The Best of Os Mutantes for a good jump-off point. Play Fitz's Sunday night with Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti.

High on Fire: There are few bands we have seen nearly ten times, and even fewer who still give us goosebumps live.

Snapcase: This is one of Snapcase's first Texas shows after their break-up in 2005 and their reunion this year. They were one of the last great, truly talented bands to come from Victory Records before its roster turned sweeteningly ridiculous and MTV-baiting.

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OFF!: Led by Circle Jerks frontman and one-time Black Flag member Keith Morris, you have no excuse to miss OFF! unless you just hate things that are cool.

Washed Out: Think a louder, better mixed Neon Indian and you have Washed Out.

Descendents: This band has been a force in punk since 1978, and their influence on modern pop-punk is right there with the Ramones and the Dead Kennedys. If you know younger people who need to be learned, give them Milo Goes To College.

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