Fun Fun Fun Fest: Danzig Cuts His Closing Set Short And Tries To Incite A Riot (VIDEO)

Last night's Danzig Legacy set at the opening night of Fun Fun Fun Fest 2011 was marred by the short (LOL, right) set that Glenn Danzig turned in. The ex-Misfits and Samhain goth-rocker was scheduled to perform hits sets from his days in his two seminal punk bands and selections from his highly-popular solo work.

Danzig instead appeared onstage at 8:55, nearly 45 minutes past his scheduled 8:15 stage call. During his hour-long set he preened and brooded, but that was nothing new. Rocks Off himself has covered the last three Danzig shows in the area, all tarnished by the man's stage tantrums. At one point last night he ran frantically towards the crowd assembled on the side of his stage for no explained reason.

At 10 p.m, when Auditorium Shores venue rules stated that music must be shut off, Danzig railed against the FFFF organizers, and shirked his own complete and utter responsibility in the incident. At one point he questioned if the organizers would enjoy a riot, and taunted the crowd in pantomime after the power to his mike was cut.

FFFF Founder Graham Williams of Transmission Entertainment posted a timeline of the day's events with Danzig on the fest's Facebook wall, entitled "Glenn Stefani", that showcase his love of French onion soup, fear of mildly cool temperatures, and an apparent dislike of Slayer, which angers us almost as much as him cutting a set short.

All in all, we only heard a handful of Danzig solo stuff, including "Twist Of Cain", a few Samhain cuts, like "Mother Of Mercy", and only two Misfits songs, "Death Comes Ripping" and "Vampira". Three Misfits songs really if you count "Horror Biz" which began life as a Misfits tune called "Horror Business."

In honor of the late Andy Rooney, Rocks Off will now employ the signature voice of the deceased 60 Minutes commentator.

What's the deal with coming out onstage almost an hour past your scheduled start time? I mean, all the other bands came out to play their particular brand of modern pop, rock, and metal tunes at the time noted on their contract. It seems a little childish and well, pompous to keep your fans waiting, some of whom are the most angry and inimitable dark souls at the festival? Here's a video of the aftermath of a shortened (LOL deux) set, with folks launching things at the abandoned Danzig stage. Language and IQ-deficiency warning ahead.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.