Fun Fun Fun Fest: Houston Shines And Scares In Austin With Fat Tony And B L A C K I E

In a weekend that was fraught with Danzig's sad faded rocker antics and dust dust dust, two Houston artists brought their "A" games to Fun Fun Fun Fest's inaugural Auditorium Shores appearance in Austin. B L A C K I E and Fat Tony, two wildly different kinds of rappers, one edging ever towards mainstream popularity and the other veering into a noise and industrial stomp, made their presence known this weekend.

Each performance, Tony's on Friday and B L A C K I E's Saturday afternoon set, hit us in the sweet spot. Tony's came loaded with his satisfying flow, a host of friends and guests, and the help of Austin-area modern classical group Mother Falcon. Early on he had technical issues, but by the end he was romping and reeling madman. His hat fell off twice. The horns and strings echoed his summer set with Houston's Two Star Symphony, but a little less formal.

Now we don't want to sound too dramatic or verbose, but B L A C K I E's set on Saturday almost brought tears to our eyes. Maybe it was the dust whipping up in the pit before him, the sun, or the hangover from Friday night, but watching someone we have followed since 2007 totally destroy conceptions and performing tenets, while also burning down the house was something that made our tear ducts leaky.

The look on B L A C K I E's -- real name Michael LaCour -- face was terrifying and inviting all at the same time. You wanted to hear his story. Breathe that rancid air. You wanted to embrace him when he lunged into the pit. Clad in only brown boots and gray gym shorts, he was more or less naked in front of strangers. This wasn't daytime music, this was starving, locked-in-a-closet stuff that scared the shit out of bystanders on the venue's Black Stage.

To us assembled from Houston, it was something we've seen at least once a month for three years, but on Saturday LaCour opened up a door in him that holds all new treasures for him and the world. If this was 1991 and he was at Lollapalooza, we shudder and giggle to think of the massive societal revolt he would have created, or at least the co-headlining tour with Nine Inch Nails...

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