Gang of Four's Blistering Message Scalds Tiny Crowd

Gang of Four Warehouse Live March 17, 2015

"They sound like the Killers, except less whiny," was one of the many comments overheard during Gang of Four's first stop in Houston since 2006. Irony reared its ugly head as the band who could claim parentage to the many illegitimate post-punk homage acts behaved appropriately Wednesday night to a sparse crowd at Warehouse Live's smaller Studio room, which holds up to 150 people.

Collecting 150 people with even a slight pulse to see one of rock's most influential acts -- and one Kurt Cobain claimed to have ripped off -- shouldn't be this difficult in the nation's fourth-largest city. Those true fans who bothered to show up, however, did not go unrewarded.

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Stephan Wyatt