Gas Prices are Something Fierce, Alright

One of Houston’s own made national news over the weekend; unfortunately, not in a good way. As John Nova Lomax noted last month, runaway gas prices are causing havoc on the touring circuit, especially among artists without booking agents or labels helping them out.

The Associated Press got wind of this phenomenon Saturday, and although the article is datelined San Francisco, it opens in Houston with Something Fierce’s Steven Garcia filling up the band’s van as he bemoans the $2,500 gasoline bill the local garage-punk trio was staring at for their planned tour to Vancouver and back.

“Once I ran the numbers it was a 'There's no (expletive) way' kind of moment," Garcia told reporter Jason Dearen.

Congratulations on the exposure, guys; sorry about the tour. It’s a damn shame, because SF’s Modern Girl EP – which, by the way, is available as a free download at houstonpunk.com - is easily one of the best Texas garage records to come out so far this year. – Chris Gray

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