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George Strait Looking For Sea Of Red At Austin Show

Of course Rocks Off is driving to Austin on Friday night to see George Strait and Reba McEntire at the Frank Erwin Center. Who do you think we are? Isn't everyone driving to Austin to see the Morrissey of Texas and the Queen of Modern Country?

Anyhow, Rocks Off will be there to cover the show, since Strait and the Reebs may not be making it to Houston this year, together or otherwise. We guess if we had our way, we renovate the Astrodome and turn it into a big damned museum to the man and force him to play once a month, but that's just the coffee talking.

You may remember all the Strait love we plastered all over the blog in August 2009 when King George came to Reliant Stadium, which took us and Rocks Off Sr. about four blogs to dish out. Then there was the time we wrote about the first Strait we ever saw in 1987, and how the customary fireworks that opened every RodeoHouston show made us vomit.

No we were not drunk, we were four years old, sickos.

Tonight's show is the tour kick-off, and Strait is taking part in Red Shirt Fridays, in support of our troops all over the world in harm's way. According to his publicist, he wants to see a sea of red in the crowd at the Erwin Center, so we need to go find a red hoodie somewhere on the way to Austin.

A quick note about Red Shirt Fridays: It may not stop all the wars in the world that our fighting boys waging, but it will show them and their families that we are thinking of them, which is the most important thing.

Aside from all the politicians and corporations pulling the strings, and even if you disagree with military actions, there are real lives at stake for our country every day.

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Craig Hlavaty
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