Get Lit: The Girl's Guide to Rocking by Jessica Hopper

I hate to ask this question, as it is overly publicized and just all-around cheesy, but nothing else will fit what this book is about. So, with a heavy heart, I ask, "Are you ready to rock?" Readers of Jessica Hopper's The Girl's Guide to Rocking will find, in time, that this question, and all it encompasses, is essentially what she asks throughout this entire book.

Although some might think that starting a band is as simple as picking a name and going from brunette to hot pink, Hopper will quickly crush those unrealistic dreams in just five easy chapters. Starting out first with the basic fundamentals - the make-up of a band; what instrument is best for each individual; how to purchase guitar; etc. - she guides young girls through the real start-up of a group.

From there, she guides readers through the process of picking band mates, recording and even owning their own music business someday. Another treat is the array of music history spread throughout the book. From quotes from female musicians to book suggestions about those that have paved the way, Hopper does her best to keep the idea of "girl power" alive.

Although I might poke fun at the title of this book, I must give Hopper credit for thoroughly explaining every instrument and the toys that accompany them. She gives guidelines and step-by-step directions on what a girl needs to start a legitimate band. In five pages, I learned everything I could ever want to know about pedals, picks and sticks. Unlike other authors who shy away from large quantities of detail, Hopper dives in head-first and isn't scared of overwhelming a beginning musician with a large amount of information, something I found thoroughly enjoyable.

However, this book is intended for young girls, ages 12 and up, who've never been in a band before. Not 21-year-old drummers who have dated enough guitarists to have the basic idea of what she's talking about. So, be warned, this is not a "how-to" guide for the fair-weather musician. This book was written solely for those that intend on starting a band and intend on making it out of their parents' garage someday.

Aside from being a little dense at times, I highly recommend The Girl's Guide to Rocking for beginners of any age. It's a great reference and starting point on how to get a band off the ground.

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Kim Douglass
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