Geto Boys at House of Blues, 7/4/2013

Geto Boys House of Blues July 4, 2013

Just a month ago, the Geto Boys were scheduled to perform at the fifth annual Free Press Summer Festival. Black-and-white billboards had been plastered all over town for months, depicting the Houston-based trio of misfits turned hip-hop icons. Underneath the three figures, a line from 2005's "G Code," one of their best-known hits: "We don't talk to police."

But the performance never happened, at least not entirely. Though Scarface and Willie D eventually made their way out onto the stage, Bushwick Bill never appeared. Before Thursday night's show, Pegstar's Jagi Katial attributed Bill's absence to "a transportation problem," but didn't expound further. [Ed. Note: From what we've heard, the notoriously unpredictable Bill was simply running late. That's it.]

So going into last night's show, I had a bad taste in my mouth. Despite growing up on the group's off-kilter, pre-horrorcore brand of rap music, I felt like I had been stood up on a first date, only to be told, "Sorry, but let's reschedule."

I must not have been the only one, because House of Blues' standing room was barely at half capacity, a terribly poor turnout for such an influential, homegrown rap group. Distinguished attendees were present though, notably Bun B and P-Funk's George Clinton.

Unfortunately, neither performed. They were both beckoned onto the stage, where the waved as the crowd cheered, only to walk back into the shadows moments later. To further the date analogy, it was like being shown an amazing dessert menu then leaving the restaurant without even getting a taste.

All told, however, Thursday night's show was a lot of fun. It was high energy, euphoric and all smiles. And though "G Code" didn't make the cut, the Geto Boys performed plenty of hits, including "Chuckie," "Mind of a Lunatic," "Size Ain't Shit," "Do It Like a G O," "Gangsta of Love," "Mind Playin Tricks" and, of course, "Still" and "Damn It Feels Good To Be a Gangsta," of Office Space acclaim.

And yes, all three Geto Boys were in the building this time.

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