GG Allin Is Back, And He's Bringing Milo From the Descendents With Him

Just a few months back, Rocks Off became the proud father of his own seven-inch-tall GG Allin bobblehead doll. Aggronautix, a small Internet toy company created a diminutive and bobblin' version of the tattooed New Hampshire-born "Poo Poo Rocker" complete with soiled underpants, blood-splatters, and a dirty sneer. We now have that little GG sitting on our desk for comfort and for inspiration on those tough days. Some people have a crucifix or a Buddha, Rocks Off has the singer of "Bite It You Scum." Now the company has gone a step further by announcing a few new additions to its legion of misfit toys. This month they made bobblehead versions of the Dwarves' Blag Dhalia and HeWhoCanNotBeNamed, Descendents lead singer/mascot Milo Aukerman and the Meatmen's own Tesco Vee available on their Web site. If this wasn't enough, they are also making an "Extra Filthy Bloody Edition" of the original GG Allin doll, this time including way more blood, anonymous scratches and suspect stains. The older edition of the doll is almost tame compared to this new and expanded one. The only thing it needs is real human shit and heroin. The Milo Aukerman doll excites Rocks Off the most out of this crop of bobbleheads, since in the past few weeks we have been rocking Milo Goes To College at our desk. It's hard to believe that album turned twenty-seven years old this year. The Tesco Vee doll seems like an American Hardcore readers wet dream, seeing that sadly few people probably know of the mayhem and fury that the Meatmen have been pouring on hardcore punk rock since 1983's We're the Meatmen...and You Suck!! The Dwarves dolls actually star in a public service announcement on the Aggronautix site, reminding us of the viral GI Joe PSAs Fensler Films came out with a few years back. In the video, Blag and HeWhoCannotBeNamed and their dolls help a few kids make some arguably bad decisions. No word yet on what Aggronautix has planned in the near future, but considering their track record, we can expect more underground punk rock icons. Rocks Off is crossing his fingers for a D. Boon doll himself. Hell, even a Keith Morris figure with real dreadlocks would suffice. Who would you like to see immortalized in bobblehead form?

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