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GG Allin: Remembering the GGreat American Hero

This past weekend marked the anniversary of the death of GG Allin. Described as "the most spectacular degenerate in rock and roll history," he died from an accidental heroin overdose on June 28, 1993. It's only proper that we remember his legacy on July 4.

Allin's onstage violence and off-stage antics were disgusting, to say the least. But don't take him too seriously. When we skim through the interviews of the past, we see him not as a coprophagous lunatic, but more as a troll -- perhaps one of the greatest trolls of all time, whether he knew it or not.

In honor of this patriotic holiday and the laws some of you will probably be breaking, we've compiled some of GG's most illegal songs. Unlike many other musicians who merely fantasized about committing crimes, Allin followed through on (almost) every lyric he wrote. So when you're setting off your fireworks in a county where fireworks are illegal, just remember the words of Allin, "Whether anyone likes it or hates it or shows up or doesn't, I'd still do it."

Of course, we areleaving out quite a few, since some of Allin's songs are too vulgar even for Rocks Off.

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Allison Wagoner