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Giant Kitty Sends A Message With Powerful New Video

Giant Kitty's video for "Disorder Girl" is powerful and unforgettable.
Giant Kitty's video for "Disorder Girl" is powerful and unforgettable. Photo by Daniel Jackson

We live in a time where there's plenty of mindless music, and that's okay. Music has always had the power to help us escape and take us away from the everyday. However, music can also send a message, and that should be heralded as well. In a time when we have a president who changes what he says by the hour, powerful entertainment elites being taken down by the powerless, and everyday people committing hate crimes and domestic abuse, it's nice to see someone stand up for the voiceless. With their new video for the Rampage track "Disorder Girl," that's what Houston's Giant Kitty does, they give a voice to those who rarely say a word.  The video, found exclusively here is a powerful reminder that music can still send a very powerful message, while still being catchy at the same time.

The video is an intriguing take on victims and survivors of domestic abuse using a first-hand lens shot and directed by acclaimed director Jenny Waldo. While the subject matter may seem dark, the video isn't while instead offering up a view of those battling between everyday life and the horror of what domestic violence does to those who are abused. The video is definitely a powerful message steering clear of the typical victim blaming narratives that often make their way into pop culture, while the members of the band perform in some of the same spaces as those being depicted in the video. While the song is one of the more catchy and immediately memorable tracks of the band's latest album, the video offers so much more depth to a song where the lyrics now have a more impactful tone.

The overall message is a powerful reminder of all that the band has stood for since their inception. While Giant Kitty is set to take a hiatus from performing very soon, this is a great way of remembering why they're so loved. You watch the video as much as you'd like above, or stream the Giant Kitty catalog in all of the usual spaces, or you can order the band's music in various formats and packages directly from them here, or purchase them from local record shops around town. You can catch the last three Giant Kitty performances before their hiatus at Three Links in Deep Ellum with Black Cassettes and Black Habits on May 12, at Continental Club with Fea & ImposterBoys on May 17, or at Madness On Main Fest at White Oak Music Hall with Har Mar Superstar and many more on June 9.
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