Giant Squid

If you like your metal with a twist of something musical, then Giant Squid should be on your to-see list. The band takes its cues from Mike Patton by mixing up the thrashing and screaming with whimsical moments that seem inspired by composer and frequent Tim Burton collaborator Danny Elfman. On their latest album, Metridium Fields, the group's lulling verses are transformed into pounding choruses and then back again -- and sometimes back again. "Versus the Siren" seems like it was plucked from the Burton/Elfman holiday flick Nightmare Before Christmas and infused with a rock sensibility. The least metal of all the new Metridium Fields songs, "Siren" features the high-pitched vocals of Aurielle Gregory, while husband/ vocalist/guitarist Aaron lays down baritone vocals, creating a creepy counter. The track starts out soft and sweet with trumpets and organs backing, and is soon kicked into gear with frenzied rhythms, bright guitars and crazy keyboards. The rest of Giant Squid's work follows suit, only with heavier accompaniment. Metal fans might be confused by all the musicality, and rock fans may wonder why they like it so much, but considering Giant Squid songs usually range from six to 22 minutes long, they'll have plenty of time to decide whether they want to leave or get another beer.

Giant Squid performs Sunday, March 18, at Rudyard's, 2010 Waugh, 713-521-0521.

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Dusti Rhodes
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