Gimme Some Truth: What Happens When Rabid Fans & Bands Meet

We have all been there. You may have had a few drinks, you are at your favorite band's show, and you come to find yourself in the vicinity of one of your heroes. Word vomit. Torrential word vomit. But you mean well.

"I really think youse guys is great and your albums really means a lots to me all the time," you stammer before giving an awkward hug and spending too much on merch and cursing yourself on the way home.

We have met plenty of our heroes and strike out swinging. There was the time our digital camera crapped out when we met Iggy Pop in Austin and we made one of the legends of awesomeness wait for it to fix itself. How can we forget the time that country star Sara Evans asked to specifically to not sit next to us on a flight. Was it the Misfits shirt and the Hell's Angels bio?

Sometimes you love a band or artist so much that words cannot even come out when you meet them and you revert to creepy smiles and sweating. Poor Mick Jones. Back at SXSW in 2008, we were nervous and excited and told him that he was in The Clash, as if he didn't remember. Sorry Mick.

A few weeks back we began collecting our readers' embarrassing, and awesome, memories of their encounters with rock. Some of them made us jealous, and most made us cringe. Talking to a pre-fame Thom Yorke would have been the best, before turning into Thom Yorke as we know him now.

"I may or may not have had 26 drinks during the Stooges set at SXSW and screamed epithets at James Iha in the bathroom."

"I stood behind Jimmy Buffett in a theater in Paris. He was shorter than I expected."

"When I was 16, I met Fat Mike from NOFX and totally froze up. The words that came out were "can I vomit on you?" He said no, and years later I saw Mike backstage. He made eye contact with me and promptly walked to his tour bus."

"I met Lou Barlow after a Sebadoh show at Walter's a few years ago. My wife at the time had a bunch of posters and pictures, too many for all of the walls in my one bedroom apartment, so she put a picture of Lou in the bathroom. When I was talking to him at the merch table, I suddenly found myself saying to him, 'Man, I am glad we moved to a bigger place because now I don't have to look at your picture every time I take a piss!'"

"I watched my sister meet The Cure's Robert Smith. He sat and talked to her, played with her hair, and put us on guest list for a show in Dallas."

"My dad smoked pot with a member of Dengue Fever in a backyard here in Houston."

"Tom Waits once asked me if a piece of taxidermy was "real" when he was in town before his Hobby Center show a couple of years back."

"On Halloween Night in 1997 in Austin, I hung out with Green Day on their bus after their show and drank beer."

"I had the bassist for Grizzly Bear look at me with disgust as I ate noodles at a restaurant in New York. I was being sloppy, and I think he became less hungry because of it."

"Walking into Radiohead's Thom Yorke in 1995 at Cynthia Woods the night of their gig opening for R.E.M. I talked to him for around 15 minutes, and no one around knew who he was."

"I passed out at BuzzFest in 1995 and the guys from No Use For A Name carried me backstage. Bush's Gavin Rossdale walked by and asked how I was doing. I almost passed out again."

"Me First & The Gimmie Gimmies stayed with me in 1997 and we played poker till 5 a.m. The lead singer, Spike, left nasty hair gel on my pillow."

"We got Devendra Banhart do a keg stand after his gig at the Orange Show in 2004. Have a blurry drunken photo to prove it."

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.