Ginger Rap Song Fights Spread Of "Rojophobia"

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If you're like Rocks Off you woke up this morning hung over with a broken hand and not enough Cadbury Crème Eggs, and while that is not the most promising start of a day we took comfort in the fact that no one was going to make us stare at the pixilated image of orange-tinted naughty bits.


We've spent quite a bit of time reviewing the comedy rap videos of Evan Cassidy and the Dudely Jones Comedy Tribe because he's actually a pretty good musician, and he's funnier than watching a monkey make sweet love to a football. He's tackled the pimptasticness of his dinosaur sweater and being the only modest man in hip-hop, but his latest work is much more personal.

"Where My Gingers At?" is a statement against the rampant discrimination of pale, freckled redheads. Rojophobia was addressed in South Park, who handled the topic with sensitivity and with great accuracy about our daywalking brothers and sisters.

As an aside from the usual stellar rap and comedy, Cassidy is really beginning to develop as a filmmaker. Each video we get from him shows a greater depth of knowledge of the trade, and he'll soon surpass Trevor Moore of the Whitest Kids U Know as America's great rap funnyman.

Interview Cassidy about his video? Well, sure. We spoil you so.

Rocks Off: We know it's comedy, but have you really experienced any ginger discrimination?

Evan Cassidy: In all seriousness, redheads aren't experiencing active discrimination at all like other ethnic and religious groups are sadly still experiencing today. I've been called "leprechaun,' "ginger," and "fire crotch" many times in my life - most of the time, this was just playful teasing.

However, red hair is often perceived to be unattractive in the media, especially for men - this is what I call "rojophobia". As well, living in Southern California, it feels like the sun is discriminating against you every day.

RO: That's a pretty mean posse, but if you could have any gingers to back you up whom would they be?

EC: My ginger posse got my back, but if I could get any single ginger to back me, it would be Conan O'Brien, hands down. Not only does he champion our cause, he's a tall dude! I invite CoCo and Carrot Top and any other notable gingers to support the cause and send me verses for a remix!

RO: Seriously, dude, what's with the full frontal nudity?

EC: A lot of people ask gingers "Does the carpet match the drapes?" Well, y'all asked for it. Gingers should be proud of their bodies...and more so their body hair!

RO: Final question, do gingers have souls?

EC: YES, GINGERS HAVE SOULS! OMG, WTF?!?!?!??!?!!!!!! )(*&)(*&)!79

RO: Geez, it was just a question. No need to call us a 79.

Obviously it's NSFW, but watch the "Where My Gingers At?" video here.

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