Girl In a Coma Update: Chances' Manager Weighs In

Rocks Off just got a call from Chances managing partner Nick Vastakis, who offered a much different take on the altercation between Girl In a Coma singer/guitarist Nina Diaz, bassist Jennifer Alva, Diaz' boyfriend and two off-duty HPD officers working security at the Westheimer bar last Saturday night. Here's what Vastakis had to say:

"It was right at closing time - I walked up on the event [and saw] one officer wrapped up with the guy and girl [singer Nina Diaz and her boyfriend]. Both of 'em were all over the officer - I looked over and the other one was wrapped up with [bassist Jennifer Alva], like she was fighting for a prize. "You've got to control the situation - we had like 200 people in here. I go to pull the two off of him, and the girl was just going bananas. Got them off of him, got that under control. The other officer, every time he would ease up on Alva, she would use it as an opportunity to get low and charge him. They were just going crazy."

"[The officer] gets Alva in cuffs, [and] the younger one and her boyfriend, she was just hell-bent on going to jail. They were trying to sort it out, find out what's going on, but she was just full-on hostile, daring him to do something to her. She was almost trying to taunt this guy. At this point they've got [Alva] handcuffed, the other two are not handcuffed. "We get everybody out of the club, secure the bartenders, and Jennifer uses her feet to push the handcuffs off and starts running around like crazy. The officers come back in and get her recuffed, and the sister, Nina, is just going off on this guy. The boyfriend has realized at this point to be quiet. "We never have any issues over here. You can't have a lot of problems and have HPD work for you. You get some hack with a billy club. It was such an emotionally charged situation. I can't imagine what it was - they had to be drunk. I was just trying to get her to settle down. I was like, 'If there's any way I can keep you from going to jail...' "I came onto it seconds after [Diaz and her boyfriend] got on the cops. He didn't know if [the couple's argument] was an unwanted event or what - he walked up to her and she just exploded. I remember thinking to myself, "I'm getting too old for this shit." "As my employees are leaving, the younger one, Nina, is mocking them. The mouth on that kid. It's a mess. I hate that it happened. We're a Montrose bar, everybody's welcome, we've been here 13 years, but I've never seen anything like this. It was out of hand. I wish I had videotaped it on my phone - it was like [Diaz] was trying to get something worse to happen. "The whole thing could have been avoided with some calmness. When a cop walks up to you in a bar and asks what's going on, you don't explode."

Wow. What a mess.

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