Go On & Do Your Thing Saturday With Scott McCurry & The Mercenaries

After David Gray last month, Rocks Off has a newfound appreciation for blue-eyed singer-songwriter soul. So if Midlake is a little too fey for you, and Alicia Keys a little too pricey, allow us to introduce you to North Texas' Scott McCurry & the Mercenaries, whom their hometown daily The Dallas Morning News has dubbed "fork-licking good." McCurry and his crew have been around for six years, releasing three albums along the way. Last year's Go On & Do Your Thing veers from orchestral flourishes ("Millions of Tracks") and perky indie-pop ("Wanna Maybe") to full-on rock ("Arizona") and rubbery funk jams ("Mercenary," the title track). McCurry is as versatile an instrumentalist as a songwriter (vibraphone, drums, guitar, etc.), and his Jason Mraz-like vocals are radio-ready and then some. Well-known in the Metroplex - the Mercenaries' MySpace page lists almost a dozen dates, either McCurry solo or with the band, between now and July - McCurry and the Mercenaries are relative newcomers to Houston. Or they are to Rocks Off, anyway. Word must be getting around somewhere, though - we hear Saturday night's show with up-and-coming Outer-Loop rockers Suburban Warfare is almost sold out. Also with The Fox Derby, 7 p.m. Saturday, April 3, at House of Blues (Bronze Peacock Room), 1204 Caroline, 888-402-5837 or www.hob.com/houston.

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