Classic Rock Corner

Going Platinum: Artists We'd Pay $10,000 To See - And When

It started one night on the patio of Big Star Bar in the Heights; over Lone Star and cigarettes, a handful of Houston music wags debated the shows they would pay top dollar to see from lartists, iving or dead. We argued the aspects of an At the Drive-In reformation, seeing Sam Cooke in 1963, watching Townes Van Zandt at old Old Quarter Acoustic Café downtown or sitting in while the complete classic Beach Boys line-up performs Pet Sounds in front of your eyes.

Granted, only one of those could ever realistically happen, but they all live large in the minds of rock nerds and roots fetishists who were either born too late or not hip enough to have been there to see those performers at their zenith. Rocks Off himself saw ATID once at the old Engine Room, but was sadly not traipsing this mortal coil for the rest of them.

You can collect all the vinyl and memorabilia you want, but nothing compares to actually sweating it out with maniacs like yourself in the middle of a crowd seated in a theater, singing along to every word and breathing their same air. That's why Rocks Off knows that we will never ever be the kind of Black Flag or Rolling Stones fan we wishes we could be.

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Craig Hlavaty
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