Got Issues? Ask Rock a Little

Dear Rock A Little,

So I am a little upset that you have not called me back and accepted for a fifth date. I was falling in love with you, but I guess you didn't feel the same way. Why are you avoiding me?

Brian Smith Downtown Houston

Dear Brian Smith, In the beginning I believed in love and things. It happened like a hurricane. I could never really tell you what this did to me. I could never make it better for you. Anyway, thing is, time was, part of me still does -- this light here.

Some become strangers. Did you have to be so easy to live without it. I was hoping to remember you with just a smile. Now the memory of giving you is giving out. Well, I could say that I knew it all the while.

Dear Rock a Little,

I have been debating on which energy drink is better: 5 Hour Energy, Monster, Rockstar, Red Bull or those little canned coffee frapps that you can buy at the gas station from Starbucks. I am thinking of mixing them together to make a super-energy drink that will be sorta like a super-energy drink. Will it work?


Dear HC62, Well I think you will like sister honey. She will help you make up your mind. Even if you don't need her, she needs you, brother.

Dear Rock a Little,

Can you help me with my financial woes? I keep buying records, records and more records so much that I have had to refinance my home and declare bankruptcy. Please help me, as Suze Orman was of help.

Broke-ass in Baytown

Dear Broke-ass, You say I have everything. Well, I'm living off dreams and chains -- but I sing for the things money can't buy.

Dear Rock a Little,

My dad has been snooping through my stuff. She not only got into my secret stash of banned stuff: my classic rock collection -- he passed out when he saw my copy of Like a Virgin by Madonna, banned books, etc. What do I do?

Ariel Moore, Elmore City, Okla.

Dear Ariel Moore, Dusty words lying under carpets. Seldom heard well must you keep your secrets -- locked inside hidden safe from view. Well, is it all that hard? Is it all that tough?

Well, I've shown you all my cards, now isn't that enough? You can hide your hurt; but, there's something you can do: you can talk to me. Talk to me... talk to me. I can set your secrets free, baby.

Dear Rock a Little,

Ever since I was a young girl, I have wanted to be a ballerina. However, due to my short stature and unusually shaped body, I keep getting rejected by every dancing company in town, yet I have more teaching than any other dancer and even trained at Juliard. Nobody will hire me - not even as a go-go dancer. What do I do?

-- Lily, West Hollywood, Calif.

Dear Lily, You knew her - funny little dancer, and you watched her all night long. You were trying to learn from her teachers. One thing that she wanted she would not be tangled up in it. Hit it -- it's about time, Lily.

Oh, I know, Lily. Rock a little. Hit the stage. Hit the stage. Hit it -- rock a little.

Stevie Nicks plays Toyota Center with Rod Stewart, Thursday, August 9.

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