Gothic Council Applies For The Perfect Job

Joblessness in the United States remains an ever-present fear for Americans who worry about their employment options in the face of a sluggish economic recovery. Having recently gone through it ourselves, let us tell you that the stress of not knowing for sure where your next check is coming from or whether you'll be able to maintain health insurance can be a truly stressful experience. Being hired during such a time gives one a huge sense of relief.

But surely it won't always be this way, right? Times may be tough, but no tough time lasts forever. One day a veritable buffet of awesome jobs will once again be open to the populace. Jobs like that guy who was solely in charge of watching for girls flashing on Splash Mountain at Disney World to make sure the pictures didn't end up traumatizing children. In some hopeful future, jobs like that will soon return to the country.

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