Gothic Council Makes Its News Year's Resolutions

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Well, Christmas is over, as is Festivus for the rest of us, and now 2012 is barreling down at us like Donkey Kong threw it. Some people say that this year will be humanity's last, but since we say that as often as we can we're not too worried about it. Personally, we think the Mayans were just too broken up about there being no more Harry Potter films to continue the calendar.

It's also time to make resolutions about how you will be a better, or a least prettier and more interesting person in the coming year. We're big on resolutions, and like to set the bar high. Escher said that only be attempting the impossible do we achieve the improbable, and who are we to argue with a man who adorns the walls of every college dorm in the world?

Our resolution this year is to bring some real gothic rap into the world. We want to go back to the roots of both genres and start cutting up samples of Sisters of Mercy, Cure, and Bauhaus songs in order to lay down a flow upon them. In all likelihood this will be half-assed and awful, but we're cool with that. Half-assed and awful has served us well.

We thought we'd check in with the rest of the Gothic Council before the closing of the year, and see what they resolved to do in order to spread our darksome message. Joining us this week is DJ Martin Oldgoth, artist Darla Teagarden, author of the Encyclopedia Gothica Liisa Ladouceur, Jvstin Whitney of the Church of Melkarth, and co-founder of the Age of Decay festival Alethea Carr.

Darla Teagarden: Travel is my main goal for 2012 - First Spain, then France. I want to get out of my own studio and into other's with a more documentary approach in my photography (and maybe even some writing) temporarily. But that doesn't mean I'm leaving the spooky whimsy behind!

Ana Juan in Madrid will be my first subject. She is a world-renowned illustrator for film, magazines and books, like Snow White, Circus, and The Girl Who Circumvented Fairyland in a Ship of her Own Making. I want to photograph her work space, wardrobe, and haunts. Then comes a similar adventure in Paris with Sunny Suits, an American photographer and Pop-singer based in France and frequent muse for Nan Goldin.

The New Year will be about mementos from other people's caves. Hopefully I will bring back some inspiring narrative about the things, they as story tellers, witness everyday and how it translates into their craft.

Martin Oldgoth: There are always new places where I want to DJ, so next year's resolution is to try to line a few up. I'd like to get back out to the US at some point as well although that might not be until later in the year, apart from that I'm happy to just still be doing this, and hope to make it through happy and healthy.

Liisa Ladouceur: My resolution is to save money so I can spend it on travel to all the Goth festivals I've long longed to visit: Bat's Day, Kinetek, Whitby, perhaps even WGT. With the Goth book now published, I feel I have a great excuse. I am also willing to travel to (almost) anywhere I'm invited. Maybe even Houston! A new book of photos from ossuaries called Empires of Death has me jonesing to finally get to Prague and the Bone Church.

Also, daily flossing of the fangs.

Jvstin Whitney: I tend not to make resolutions and keep working on my goals as usual. Things like the New Year, spring, summer, weekends, and such don't mean anything to me what with my real world job. I say this because furthering my artistic endeavors is constant. Sometimes I do however make it a goal to get a second job just to get fired from at the beginning of the year, but I have to try to get fired from ways other than just not showing up.

Alethea Carr: I haven't made a new year's resolution - I'm too busy trying to get this year out of the way! But one of my recent goals has been to rid myself of more material things. We've had several recent deaths in the family, and even those who had sorted through their belongings ahead of time still left so much to be given away, sold, or disposed of somehow. I'd rather not leave the people I love in that position. And if it seems I'm thinking of this a bit too early (at least I hope so!), giving up the things we clutch and hang on to is also very good for creating a feeling of shedding burdens, so I'll enjoy this while I'm alive as well!

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.