Gothic Council Nominates 2012 Presidential Candidate

The Gothic Council has few real duties, you understand. The role of the group is largely ceremonial. Wearing black and judging people isn't really a full-time job unless you somehow end up as a judge on American Idol.

However, each election cycle we are obligated to nominate a candidate for president, someone who we feel best represents gothic interest. Whatever his successes or failures, this cannot be said of the incumbent, Barack Obama, though his comic-geek fandom does garner him a onyx on our highly sophisticated, all-black color-coded rating system. The same is true for the current crop of GOP hopefuls, none of whom rise above ebony on the scale.

Joining the council for this all important meeting this week are fashion designer Batty, model Sarah Hill, Punky Moms founder Sarah Fanning, and please welcome creepy doll designer Shyla.

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