Gothic Council on Being "Office Goth"

Some goths, like yours truly, are blessed with employment that doesn't regulate clothing. For instance, I'm not wearing pants as I type this. Others go into real work that involves clipboards and stuff, and places with clipboards are notoriously hard on those of us who like a little dark flamboyance to our look.

How do you deal with the Man when he tells you that last night's eyeliner simply isn't acceptable if you want to rise in your career? Do you blend it, or do you just spend your life as Office Goth. To answer that burning query, oh how it burns, I summoned the Gothic Council!

Joining us this week is Age of Decay co-founder Alethea Carr, DJs Martin Oldgoth and Regen Robinson, Toby Rider from Ending the Vicious Cycle, Jvstin Whitney of Church of Melkarth, blogger Drusilla Grey, and webmistress of Morticia's Morgue, Becky Plexco.

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