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Grand Jury No-Bills San Antonio Trio Girl In A Coma In Spring Chances Brawl

[Update: See the statement Girl In a Coma posted on its MySpace page Monday morning after the jump.]

The San Antonio punk band Girl in a Coma, whose members were arrested after an altercation at Chances in Montrose this spring, have been no-billed by a grand jury and will face no charges from the incident, their lawyer tells Hair Balls.

Kent Schaffer says two of the members appeared before a grand jury Friday, told their side of the story - which involves some in-fighting between group members and participation by off-duty HPD cops working security - and the case was dismissed.

"There were six different witnesses; some who knew who the band was and some who didn't," Schaffer says. "We also showed pictures of the bruises all over one of the girls, from head to toe pretty much."

Schaffer says the group is considering filing a civil suit against the club; he hopes they do.

"They're going to talk to a lawyer about whether or not they want to pursue civil action against the club," he says. "Personally I think they should, because I think the manager [of Chances] is a lying punk. Do you want me to repeat that so you can get it for attribution? I think the manager is a lying punk and they ought to sue."

Chances' manager disputed the group's version of events after the incident.

Schaffer said the proceedings had caused the group "a lot of money, a lot of stress, aggravation and embarrassment," so they will have to decide if "they really want to live with it for the next two-three years" by suing.
Girl In a Coma posted the following statement on its MySpace page Monday morning:

"Many of you know that the band has been dealing with legal issues that we have been able to talk about until now. Today Jenn and Nina went before a Grand Jury in Houston, Texas to face charges of felony assault on a public servant.

"We are happy to announce that both Jenn and Nina received a "No Bill" which means that they have decided not to indict the girls and the case is over with no criminal case against the girls. The band is relieved that this ordeal is over and that justice system worked. Thank you to our family, friends, club owners and especially all the fans that stood behind us and believed in us throughout it all.

"xo-Jenn,Nina and Phanie"

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