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Graphic: Which Indie-Rock Band Should You Join?

So you've been playing shows around town, you've got a decent following, and the local buzz about your talents is strong. Your 7" singles have been getting good reviews in the local press, and you're considering a national tour. The only problem: It's a lot for just one person to take on. You need other people who can help make connections, book shows, haul gear and take a shift while driving across desolate wastelands like New Mexico.

You need to join a band.

But which band to join? There are so many options. Someone with your unique sound doesn't want to join a big, huge major-label band, so let's have a look at the independent circuit. Ask yourself some simple questions and use this handy, easy-to-read flow chart to find which indie-rock band is right for you.

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John Seaborn Gray