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Great GIFs Of Shakira Shaking What Her Mother Gave Her (Semi-NFSW)

There are no words that I can put into this space to describe the majesty of Colombian pop star Shakira. The only thing that would probably come close to succinctly putting into prose how amazing her body is digging up poet Robert Frost and using voodoo to have him pen a few lines. Can we do that?

Today is Shakira's 35th birthday. The last time the little lady -- seriously she is maybe five feet tall in heels -- was in Houston, it was at the Toyota Center in October 2010. Our very own Rizoh was on hand for the festivities, and there was a great slideshow that went with it. Though you could always just Google her name and not click those links, like you just might.

To celebrate this great milestone in the pint-size miss' life, we now present to you, a collection of GIFs of Shakira shaking her ass and body in ways that make us wonder why she is not detained at customs for agitation. It doesn't hurt that all of her hit singles are catchy as chicken pox at a daycare center. Her hips, they cannot tell a lie.

These are all quasi-SFW. Warning: there is flagrant ass-shaking and the humping of stage equipment involved.

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Craig Hlavaty
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