Green Jellÿ

Green Jellÿ has been around since 1981, when, with the intention of being "The World's Worst Band," it began terrorizing the Buffalo, New York, music scene as Green Jellö. Television smashing, food fights and fake blood were standard parts of the group's routine, leading it to be banned from almost every venue in town. The pinnacle of its shock-rock days was an appearance on The Gong Show, where the band performed for 41 seconds before being gonged.

Green Jellÿ has also been sued quite a few times. Kraft Foods notoriously pressed charges against the group for unauthorized use of the word "Jello." The band changed its name to Green Jellÿ, opting for an umlaut, they said, so the pronunciation would stay the same. Kellogg's also sued the band for its gruesome Cereal Killer album cover, on which the multicolored bird "Toucan Son of Sam" is depicted as a nose-following murderer, surrounded by the corpses of Snap, Crackle and other pop-culture breakfast icons. Even Metallica got in on the lawsuit action, claiming part of "Electric Harley House of Love" ripped off "Enter Sandman." The band had a tough defense, as the next lyric after the questionable riff is, "Come on, boys, I know you think it's Metallica."

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