Greg Ashley

League City native Greg Ashley is similar to one of those American jazz or blues musicians who had to leave the country to attain proper recognition for their art. Only Ashley didn't have to get a passport -- instead, he relocated to the still-simmering psychedelic hotbed that is the San Francisco Bay Area. As a member of SF psych band the Mirrors, Ashley played guitar, wrote the majority of songs and produced their self-released debut, Green Dream, but it's been only since moving to the left coast that he's started to receive the acclaim that is justly his due. He signed a three-record deal with Birdman, the renowned indie label that has released records by the Warlocks, Boredoms and Modey Lemon, and right now he's in the middle of a six-month period that will see the release of three of his records. The posthumous Mirrors album, 13 Patient Flowers, came out in August, his solo Birdman debut, Medicine Fuck Dream, just hit the record racks, and the debut record of the Gris Gris -- his full band -- will come out on Birdman early next year. Meanwhile, he's back with his homies in his old stomping grounds to share Medicine Fuck Dream, a brain-bending collection of Syd Barrett- inspired folk tales of love, murder and longing.
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Timothy J. O'Brien